Guess number Quick math games

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Guess number Quick math games – This is not only a unique, addictive game, but also very funny and challenging. Users can easily learn math addition and subtraction so much fun! After playing this free math game, you will definitely count faster.
A fun math game to train your mental skills of addition and subtraction

👉 How to play:
The game is very simple on the scoreboard a mathematical problem, you need to choose the correct answer in 15 seconds. But if you are still a beginner mathematician, you can increase the time to 30 seconds.
👉 Mathematical tricks:
– addition (plus);
– subtraction (minus);
– multiplication (multiplication games);
– division (inequality);
👉 Game features:
– Support for all devices
– Works without WI-FI, the game is available without an internet connection
– Logic game
– Improve your learning and math skills
– Effective brain training (brain-workout)
– Quick math doesn’t take long
– In this game, creative graphics improve observation, cognition, concentration, memory, creativity and imagination.

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