Inferno Words

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“Inferno Words” is a fascinating game that will help you develop your vocabulary and logical thinking. In the game you are offered to make new words from the proposed letters. You can use all the letters, but you must be sure to use the center letter. The game is suitable for all ages and levels of knowledge. It will help you improve your word finding skills, expand your vocabulary and train your brain. You can learn to see hidden words in already known words, as well as find new combinations of letters. The game also includes crosswords and fillwords, which will add variety and help you to spend your time with benefit. You will be able to solve riddles and guess words, getting pleasure from the process. The main advantage of the game ” Inferno Words ” is that it does not require an internet connection. You can play it anytime and anywhere, even without access to the net. It is a great way to spend time, have fun and develop your skills at the same time.

To play the game: 

The aim of the game “Inferno Words” is to find hidden words made of given letters and pass as many levels as possible to increase your rating and unlock new cards. To complete the task, you need to make up a word by connecting the given letters with a line. If your answer is correct, the word will fill the empty cells on the field. When all the cells are filled, the level will be considered passed. The game also offers hints, which can be used on difficult levels for coins or watching ads.

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