Puzzle: Find & draw something

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Thanks to this entertaining DOP-style puzzle, you can not only raise your brain iq and have fun, but by solving tricky puzzles you will train your and it’s all brain free now!
🎮 How to play
Do you want to test your brain for brain activity? It’s very simple, gather your friends and family and play the game “Find and Draw the missing part” You will need to solve the puzzle for this you need to find the hidden objects. After that, draw a line with your finger so that this object is missing.

💁‍♀️ Key Features:
👉 The game is completely free
👉 A fun puzzle game that you can’t stop playing
👉 Solve challenging puzzles
👉 Easy and fun walkthrough
👉 Easy controls
👉 Works without internet – offline
👉 Uplifting pictures

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