Road to the zombie toilet rush

5/5 - (1 голос)

Road to the zombie toilet rush – is an exciting and addictive mobile game in which players have to use their drawing skills and strategic thinking to help a character get to the toilet in time. The game features a simple but addictive gameplay concept in which players must draw lines and paths to guide the character to the toilet while avoiding obstacles. The action of the game takes place in a variety of environments.

To play the game: Road to the zombie toilet rush, do the following steps:

The goal of each level is to guide your character to the toilet by drawing the path with your finger or mouse.
Avoid obstacles such as spikes, zombies and other hazards that can lead to loss of life.
If you didn’t manage to get to the toilet or if you lose all your lives, you can try again or skip this level by watching the commercials.
Keep practicing and perfecting your drawing skills and strategy to become a master at “Road to the zombie toilet rush”

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