Blocks of Puzzle – Puzzle for kids and adults

5/5 - (1 голос)

Blocks of Puzzle is a simple game with a colorful design that helps train your brain. The game is brand new and with your help it will only get better every day. It seems to me that this is a great symbiosis between a person and a game, you play logic puzzles, have fun, develop logic, and in return we observe what you like and make the game even cooler. Block puzzle works for free on both phone and tablet equally well!

✅ How to play:
⭐️ Everyone will understand our block puzzle, everything is very simple and at the same time you need to strain your brain.
⭐️ At the bottom of the screen you have block blocks that you need to move to the top of the game in a template that you need to completely fill with these blocks.
⭐️ After each completed level, you are given GAMES-DK coins that can be exchanged for hints.
⭐️ No WiFi? No problem: “Puzzle Blocks” refer to free games no wifi they will work even in the forest because phone games should work everywhere.

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