Learning Words Preschool game

3/5 - (4 голоса)

Learn simple words – this free game is suitable not only for adults but also for high school students, with its help you will learn words perfectly.
In the arsenal of the game there are 3 languages ​​for learning. With our game “Learn simple words” you can learn your first words in English, Spanish and Russian.

🎮 How to play:
You get different cards and you, in turn, must make a word from the dropped letters. The difficulty of the game is that you have a limited time, but if it’s difficult for you, you can turn off the time in the settings.

🇱🇷 Quickly change languages ​​to learn
🎨 Bright graphics that will not be boring
🎵 Sounds in the game will help children learn the pronunciation of words
🎛 .Very easy to manage

👉 Learn first words
👉 Start learning a foreign language
👉 Improve coordination and fine motor skills
👉 Train visual perception
👉 Develop attention and concentration

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